Is Logan Paul dating Olivia O’Brien? Rumors spark after confusing interview

Virginia Glaze
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Singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien was allegedly dating Logan Paul early last year, and it looks like this speculation has cropped up again amid her confusing stint on the BFFs podcast.

Logan Paul is one of YouTube’s biggest superstars… so, whenever he’s rumored to be involved with a romantic partner, it quickly becomes a hot topic across social media.

The latest lady to be purportedly involved with the content creator (who boasts over 23 million subscribers, alongside a professional boxing career) is Olivia O’Brien, who allegedly already dated Paul not too long ago.

There’s history between Logan and Olivia — at least, according to fans. In early 2020, O’Brien released a song by the name of ‘Josslyn,’ which is all about the singer finding out her man has been seeing quite a few pieces on the side.

Did Olivia O’Brien really date Logan Paul?

Fans instantly connected the breakup song to Logan Paul, who was allegedly dating O’Brien around the time of ‘Josslyn’s’ release. However, their relationship was never official, and Paul went on to see other women (like Josie Canseco) shortly thereafter… but more recently, O’Brien opened up and confirmed that the track was, indeed, about Logan.

Their breakup doesn’t seem to have created an irreparable rift between the two, though, if O’Brien’s latest statement in an interview is to be believed. The singer unexpectedly appeared in a September 15 episode of the BBFs podcast with creator Mike Majlak, one of Paul’s best buddies.

Olivai O'Brien Josslyn
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This year, O’Brien finally came clean that her song ‘Josslyn’ was indeed about her former relationship with Logan Paul – although she claimed the whole situation was “embarrassing.”

Fans convinced Olivia O’Brien dating Logan Paul after confusing podcast appearance

In the segment, Dave Portnoy (president of Barstool Sports) asked what on earth she was doing hanging out with Majlak in LA. O’Brien appeared to be lost for words and didn’t give a clear answer, instead joking that she was visiting the city as a “member of the ‘Logang'” (Logan’s former nickname for his fan base).

“So, you’re f**king Logan, is that it?” Portnoy asked.

“Umm… yeah, sure,” she replied.

(Topic begins at 1:10:00)

It’s unclear whether or not O’Brien was actually being serious, but the odd nature of her responses was enough to send the internet into a frenzy wondering if she and Paul are back together. It’s also worth noting that the two were spotted leaving Chiltern Firehouse together on the same day, with paps catching plenty of pics of the two stars.

For now, it’s decidedly unclear if the Maverick is dating the music artist… but whatever the case may be, that isn’t stopping viewers from coming up with their own theories until the two come out with their own definitive statements on the subject.