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Is Lil Nas X joining 100 Thieves? Fans hyped after “leaked” photo with Valkyrae

Published: 8/Oct/2021 22:22 Updated: 8/Oct/2021 22:23

by Theo Salaun


Lil Nas X “leaked” a photo wearing 100 Thieves merchandise with 100T co-owner Valkyrae. Now, unsurprisingly, fans are all over it — speculating that the singer may join the esports and gaming org.

Lil Nas X is one of the biggest forces in the music and social media worlds, particularly because of his mastery over both realms. Somewhat similarly, 100 Thieves are at the top of the gaming and esports worlds because of their trendiness and social media savviness.

Aside from theoretical similarities, though, there is now a tangible link between the two. Lil Nas X shared a photo of himself with Valkyrae to his 24.6 million followers on TikTok. He wore an 100T jersey, she reacted to the video, and now the rumors are flying.


Discussing the meetup, two principal camps have emerged. One group thinks Rae is recruiting Nas X to join her gaming org (much like FaZe Clan have with sports stars and musicians). Another group thinks this is all for a music video with Lil Nas X and Corpse Husband.

Is Lil Nas X joining 100 Thieves?

While people are speculating about Rae’s recruitment, it remains fully unclear. On the one hand, Lil Nas X does have a history with gaming (remember his Roblox concert?) and is wearing a 100T jersey. 

On the other hand, he’s one of the world’s most successful artists already and doesn’t really need to partner with anyone. But it would be cool, and as far as esports orgs go, it’s hard not to see 100T as a good fit.


Valkyrae, Lil Nas X, and Corpse Husband music video?

The other theory feels more likely, although both could still be true. Reacting to the TikTok, Rae was completely surprised: “What the heck? … He’s out here leaking stuff. He leaked it before I did.”

While she explained that Lil Nas X is indeed one of the people she was excited to meet up with, fans have dug further. 

The 100T co-owner also met up with Corpse Husband around the same time. Lil Nas X and Corpse Husband have hinted at a possible collaboration in the past. Tie those two things together, along with Rae’s music video history, and boom: A triple collab sounds reasonable.


Speculation has only ramped up further, as just two days later, none other than Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop posted a photo posing alongside Lil Nas to Twitter.

It seems that the ‘Industry Baby’ artist is doing a lot more meeting and greeting with 100 Thieves than we originally thought, sparking more hope among fans that something big is in the works.

For now though, everything is hush hush. That is, until Lil Nas decides to leak some more.