Is Dr Disrespect joining OpTic Gaming? YouTube star calls for H3CZ to ‘sign him up’

Dr Disrespect joining OpTicGFUEL / Twitter: H3CZ / OpTic Gaming

Could Dr Disrespect be joining OpTic? As Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez looks to divest from NRG and own the Green Wall outright, Dr Disrespect has poked fun at getting in on the action in his latest YouTube stream.

Dr Disrespect and H3CZ go way back, with the two-time creating content alongside OpTic and their stars back in 2010.

The two talk regularly, and H3CZ even chimes in on his streams every so often. While there’s been rumors abound about the Doc’s involvement in the historic organization, all it could take for him to join is 100,000 retweets.

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Dr Disrespect on OpTic? What a pickup that would be.

Dr Disrespect floated the possibility of joining OpTic yet again on a recent YouTube stream, while mentioning the potential of H3CZ becoming the sole owner of the team, as first reported by Dexerto’s Adam Fitch.

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“This leads to all this talk on OpTic, and H3CZ, and what is H3CZ going to do?” he said.

“Come on H3CZ ⁠— Sign me up!”

Of course, OpTic’s social media team were quick to jump on the clip, promising that if it gets 100,000 retweets, they’d put pen to paper.

The last time we had one of these retweet challenges, it ended in Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag promising to get “sex is temporary, gaming is forever” tattooed on him. That still hasn’t happened yet, but it’s still on its way.

Given how quickly that one went viral, such a huge pickup like Dr Disrespect to OpTic could definitely be floated through one of these challenges.

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However, it’s more likely that behind closed doors, they could already be potentially working on the pick-up.