Is DaBaby really on Twitch? Pokimane, Ninja & more confused by random appearance

DaBaby next to NinjaInstagram: Dababy / Instagram: Ninja

Has DaBaby secretly been active on Twitch? The popular rapper has left the platform’s biggest stars like Ninja and Pokimane all too confused due to recent appearances, but is it really him?

Jonathan Lyndale Kirk – otherwise known by his stage name of ‘DaBaby’ – has left some of the internet’s biggest stars scratching their heads of late. With random appearances on Twitch, many of the most popular names are struggling to figure out if it’s actually him.

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The 29-year-old rapper boasts millions of followers across a variety of platforms, though he’s never properly jumped into the streaming space. Despite keeping quiet, a mysterious account with his name has been reaching more and more eyeballs.

Following a number of bizarre interactions in chat, here’s everything we know about DaBaby’s random appearances on Twitch.

DaBaby appears during Ninja & Pokimane’s Twitch streams

The first sighting came while Ninja was live on the Amazon-owned platform. A verified ‘DaBaby’ account seemingly joined his May 13 stream. “Were you in my stream or was it an impostor?” Ninja asked on Twitter shortly after with an Among Us joke tied in. 

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CouRage soon followed up adding that the same account made its way into TimTheTatMan’s chat as well. Hours later and DaBaby seemingly appeared in HasanAbi’s stream, grabbing his attention almost immediately.

With a simple “LET’S GO” in all caps, Hasan was intrigued. “What the f***,” he repeated while checking through the profile. “There’s zero shot.”

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Next up was Pokimane along with her OfflineTV crew. While the group was smashing six-figure viewership during a ‘meta‘ hot tub stream, DaBaby randomly appeared in Pokimane’s chat.

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“Oh my God, DaBaby’s actually in our f***ing chat,” she yelled in excitement. “He pulled up to my stream, let’s go!”

Is DaBaby actually on Twitch?

These random appearances beg the question, is it actually DaBaby? Without any streams to go by, it’s tough to verify if the rapper is actually in control of this mysterious Twitch account. The profile appears to have been created back in September of 2020 and has amassed over 16,000 followers without ever going live.

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Given many popular personalities on the platform have been left stumped, there’s a chance this account is simply an imposter. Twitch streamers are able to change their username once every 60 days. This can be done without any impact to ad revenue for partnered accounts, according to the Twitch policy.

Twitch stream DaBabyTwitch
DaBaby’s supposed Twitch account is yet to actually go live.

However, there is a specific rule against such impersonation on Twitch. Usernames can only be made available on the site so long as they’re not “involved in an active impersonation.” Therefore, if someone has gone and pretended to be DaBaby, the account likely won’t last long.

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DaBaby is yet to address the rumors on any other social media platforms. If he happens to announce an upcoming stream though, rest assured his follower count will skyrocket.

If it really is DaBaby, he wouldn’t be the first popular artist to join the streaming platform. Just weeks ago Doja Cat was randomly spotted with a stream of her own, drawing out responses from the likes of Pokimane and Corpse Husband.

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