Ironmouse wows VTuber fans with spectacular 3D concert debut, original song

VShojo star Ironmouse in idol outfit smiling during 3D VTuber concertTwitch: Ironmouse

Ironmouse has achieved her dream. The VShojo star blew away VTuber fans with a stunning 3D concert debut on her birthday, inviting along friends like Bubi and Nyanners to perform on stage, and showcasing her first original song in Waifu Jam.

It was Ironmouse’s big dream to get up on stage and perform. Now the VShojo star has done just that, going live in front of tens of thousands for her birthday on January 11 with a mega 3D concert.

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She serenaded fans for 40 minutes, performing an array of her top covers alongside special guests like Bubi and Nyanners. From KING to Getcha, all of the VTuber classics were on display, and chat was full of cheers for Mousey.

Ironmouse couldn’t help but thank fans and VShojo for making her biggest goal, five years in the making, come true.

“I want to thank you all for attending my concert. This has been a very special day for me. I have been planning this for so long, and I’m genuinely so grateful for all of you.

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“I’m thankful that you guys decided to come and watch this and support not just me but VShojo as well. It’s truly been a dream come true. I’m trying to stop myself so I don’t cry because I keep on going, I’m going to cry! I don’t want this night to end.”

She ended the performance on a high, revealing her first debut song Waifu Jam, which she worked on alongside popular Japanese producer Camellia.

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Ironmouse’s 3D concert reached nearly 30,000 peak viewers, according to SullyGnome, with an average of around 25,000 tuning in for the whole 40-minute performance ⁠⁠— plus the funny 10-minute afterparty sketch in VRChat, featuring many VShojo members and friends.

It was backed up by a mega stream on January 12 where dozens ⁠— from Hololive’s Magni Dezmond and NIJISANJI’s Shu Yamino, to her VShojo friends (even Hime Hajime, who promised to stream as a gift for Mousey) and plenty of indies across the board like Shoto ⁠— sent messages of love and support.

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Oh, and Connor ‘CDawgVA’ Colquhoun also made an appearance: “You killed it last year, and I think you’re going to kill it again this year. You’re addicted to streaming, you’re talented at it, you’re great at it, and I think it’s going to be a great year for you.”

Speaking to Dexerto after the event, Ironmouse said there’s more to come, with hopes of even more concerts in the future.

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“Having my 3D concert was and is such a dream come true! I had such a blast working on these songs and working with the production team has been incredible. Seeing chat cheering me on had me in tears. I’m in disbelief and I’m just so happy to be able to perform on stage.

“This has been such an incredible experience and I am so glad everyone enjoyed the concert. We all worked really hard on it and I hope we can continue to put on more incredible concerts and productions in the future.”

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