Ironmouse wants Twitch fans to stop treating her like a “porcelain doll”

Ironmouse subathon recordTwitch: Ironmouse

VTuber star Ironmouse has been public about her health struggles, with fans sending her sympathy in return. However, the VShojo talent ⁠— now 20 days into her subathon ⁠— wants fans to stop treating her like a “porcelain doll that’s about to break” and instead see her as a “normal human being”.

Ironmouse is continuing to break Twitch records as part of her uncapped subathon, which first went live on February 4.

The VShojo star, now into her 20th straight day live on Twitch with more than 112,000 subs, has been doing everything from chatting with fans to playing games with friends and sleeping in her dressed-up pink bed live on stream.

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Many have called it an impressive feat ⁠— not just because of the sheer stamina to stream for that length of time, but because of her public health struggles. Ironmouse is open about her condition, Common Variable Immunodeficiency, and the obstacles it’s put in her life.

However, she wants her fans to stop framing all her achievements within that lens and rightfully look at the bigger picture.

Ironmouse smiling on streamTwitch: Ironmouse
Ironmouse’s Twitch subathon is just about to cross three weeks live, and there’s no signs of it slowing down.

“I appreciate the fact that people care about my wellbeing, however I am fine and I know my body pretty well. I’ve been getting enough rest, I’ve been as responsible as I can be,” she said mid-way through Day 18 of her subathon.

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“I like being treated like a normal human, not like a porcelain doll that is about to break at any moment.”

“I appreciate the concern but I’ve been streaming for 18 days, and I think my routine is pretty obvious by now. No amount of begging is going to get me to stop my routine, because even if I wasn’t streaming I’d still be going to sleep at the same time and I’d be awake doing the same things too.”

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Ironmouse explained that the friendships she’s fostered with the likes of Connor ‘CDawgVA’ Colquhoun, Nyanners, and other VShojo talents were only possible because they treated her as an equal.

“Connor has never treated me like I was a piece of glass, or a piece of paper, or something that’s about to break. He treated me as an equal human, knowing my limitations and knowing how sick I am. He knows about my life and he doesn’t give a sh*t, and I like that a lot,” she added.

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“I’ve very close to Nyan [Nyanners] and my friends from VShojo, my mods ⁠— they know me. I vibe well with people that know me and understand, and in understanding they also know that the only thing I really want is to be seen as a normal human and treated like one ⁠— even though I’m a filthy demon.”

The VTuber star claimed she had been “in worse condition” than she was feeling during her subathon, and asked her viewers to not worry so much.

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The subathon was just one step on Ironmouse’s journey to reach personal goals and defy those who tried to force her to slow down.

“I started streaming for myself, and I started streaming because I wanted to. With the subathon I wanted to do it because I wanted to know that I could do it. And I’m doing it, and I’m going to do it until I can’t no more,” she said.

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“I’ve always pushed myself past the point that people told me I was capable of. I used to be told by people all the time ‘you can’t do this, you’re not normal’. I’m going to do whatever the f**k I want, f**k them.

“If I would have listened to somebody back then telling me to ‘just rest and be comfortable’, I don’t think there’d be an Ironmouse. I don’t think she’d exist.”

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