Ironmouse smashes 100k Twitch subs as record-breaking subathon continues

Ironmouse singing into mic on TwitchTwitch: Ironmouse

VTuber Ironmouse has managed to smash past the 100,000 Twitch subscriber milestone as her massive subathon continues to roll on at great speed. 

Over the last year, subathons have become a regular occurrence on Twitch, with streamers going above and beyond to keep their fans entertained for days on end.

If you’ve been living under a rock and missed out on the massive events, essentially, viewers donate subs to their favorite streamer to add time to the stream – be it an additional 30 seconds or two minutes. Once the subs stop rolling in, the subathon draws to an end.

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In the case of VTuber Ironmouse, her subathon is unlikely to come to an end any time soon. After becoming the most-subbed to female streamer ever, she’s now smashed another impressive milestone.

ironmouse vtuber streamYouTube: ironmouse
ironmouse is a Puerto Rican VTuber who has garnered a fairly sizeable audience for her humorous content, singing, and high-pitched voice.

Ironmouse hits 100k Twitch subs

Back on February 19, the VTuber lost her mind as she surpassed Casimito to become the most-subbed to streamer on Twitch with around 93,000 subscribers.

Well, she’s now blown past the 100,000 subscriber mark, and while her reaction wasn’t quite as dramatic as the last one, it was still equally entertaining. “Thank you! It happened while I was asleep, ahh,” the streamer exclaimed. “I did cry, because I saw it and I got scared. I got scared!”

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The streamer also noted that she didn’t expect to reach such heights with the milestone. “I honestly did not expect any of this to happen and thought it would only last two days,” she told Dexerto. “I also never expected to ever hit any of these milestones in my lifetime, but it’s awesome to see my awesome fans come together to make it a reality.”

While the 100,000 subscriber mark is quite the achievement, the streamer should easily add to it, seeing as the subathon still has a fair bit of time to run.

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She might not eclipse the historic numbers set by Ludwig’s epic subathon, but Ironmouse is making records of her own.