IRL Twitch streamer saves distraught child who got lost in Tokyo


IRL streamer Robcdee helped return a lost child to his father in Tokyo all while broadcasting live on Twitch in the process.

During an April 24 broadcast, the Australian was cycling around the city when he noticed a child crying for his mother and after being pressured by his chat, decided to do what he does best – intervene.

“There’s a kid cycling, screaming for his mom,” the streamer explained to his chat. “And then this old dude stopped to help him and another dude from that crane shop over there came out to see him.”

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After biking over to the kid, the streamer tried to comfort the fearful and teary-eyed child who was by his lonesome in the industrial neighborhood. Rob decided to help escort the child back to his father.

According to the child, his dad went to “throw away some rubbish” before going to a konbini.

In Japan, a kobini is basically a term used for convenience stores such as 7-11, Circle K, or Family Mart and are stocked full of food items, magazines all sorts of other goods.

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Luckily for the child and Rob, they were able to locate the boy’s father after about three minutes of cycling around the area back to the kobini.

“The dad went to drop some rubbish off somewhere and the kid thought he got lost and started cycling away,” Rob translated.

Once the boy and his father were reunited, one viewer even gifted the streamer 10 subscribers for his trouble.

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“Bye kid,” he said, finishing up his side-quest.

Rob’s is no stranger to helping people in need while he explores Tokyo. As Dexerto has reported, in the past, the streamer has helped girls being harassed by men on the streets and assisted drunk people with finding a way home.

There’s no telling what he will get up to the next time he streams his adventures in Japan.