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IRL Twitch streamer narrowly avoids high-speed crash with motorbike

Published: 20/Feb/2021 16:19

by Joe Craven


Twitch streamer Tallulah, part of the Awkwards_Travel channel, narrowly escaped being hit by a motorcycle traveling at high speed in a heart-stopping moment caught on stream. 

The Awkwards_Travel Twitch channel focuses on the adventures of Tallulah and Gaspard who, as the name suggests, document their travels around the world. As you can also imagine, this has been increasingly difficult across the last year thanks to the ongoing global health crisis. 

However, the pair have continued to stream as much as possible, and are currently enjoying time in Thailand. The pair’s travels in East Asia nearly took a turn for the worse though, as a near-miss with a motorcycle was caught on camera. 


Awkwards Travel Twitch Streamer Motorbike
IG: Awkwards_Travel
Tallulah, of Awkwards Travel, experienced a near miss on stream on February 19.

As is customary with travel vloggers, Tallulah was simply filming herself out and about in Thailand. One of the draws of this content for viewers is the knowledge that anything can happen, something that was proved just moments later. 

After pointing out where she had come from, the Canadian Twitch partner said: “Yikes, chat. I even got honked at. Wait for another green man… oh my god green man.” 

She then stepped out to cross the road, just as a speeding motorcycle sped past. A slight swerve from the driver paired with a hesitation meant Tallulah avoided a collision, but it was a moment that came all too close to a serious accident. 


“Woah!” she exclaimed. “That could have been really bad.” 

Even before the incident, many of her viewers were commenting on how busy the Bangkok roads were, and Tallulah had mentioned how many motorists seemed to be ignoring the signs for pedestrians to cross. 

Thankfully, the streamer seemed to shake the incident off fairly promptly, and got back to enjoying her travels around the Thai capital. 

It joins other near-miss moments caught on stream, like when this Twitch streamer was forced to chase off a burglar attempting to get into his house.