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IRL Twitch streamer hit by car live on stream

Published: 10/Nov/2021 16:28

by Jacob Hale


An IRL Twitch streamer nearly had a serious accident when he was hit by a car live on stream, leaving his viewers absolutely stunned.

You can always bank on some crazy stuff happening in IRL Twitch streams. We’ve seen streamers threatened by random strangers, and have their food stolen by monkeys, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s no surprise that the IRL category continues to be the most popular on Twitch, because apparently, there’s nothing more entertaining than real life.

That rang true during this IRL stream after a streamer avoided some serious hospital bills after being hit by an oncoming taxi.


cjayride twitch streamer in japan
Instagram: cjayride
Cjayride was lucky to get away unscathed from this incident during his Twitch stream.

Cjayride was streaming himself traveling around Japan, just chatting with viewers, when a taxi suddenly turned right into him, giving cjayride only just enough time to react.

The taxi turns into the road cjayride is riding now, seemingly completely unaware of the streamer’s presence, only just managing to stop as they collide.

The two immediately check on each other, with cjayride confirming to the worried taxi driver that he’s okay, collecting his skateboard that also managed to get away relatively unscathed.

Cjayride goes on to say that if he hadn’t jumped off his skateboard in time, he “would’ve landed on the hood of his car,” which could’ve ended in a much more gruesome fashion.


Fortunately, both the streamer and the driver avoided any major issues, with cjayride acknowledging that they were both in the wrong.

Needless to say, both parties will have been slightly shaken up from this ordeal, but they can count their lucky stars it didn’t end in complete disaster.