IRL Twitch streamer harassed in London following racist abuse in Germany

Just weeks after being racially abused during her travels in Germany, Korean Twitch streamer Giannie Lee was almost attacked by a passerby while walking the streets of London.

The popular content creator has experienced various forms of racism during her broadcasts in Germany, but has managed to stay calm and collected despite the abuse heading her way.

Of course, not all German citizens subjected the streamer to such insults, with one countryman apologizing on behalf of his compatriots, before giving Lee a hug to keep her spirits high.

Twitter / Giannie LeeGiannie Lee is one of the most popular IRL Twitch streamers.

Giannie Lee almost attacked in London

During her June 5 stream, Lee was casually walking the streets of London, speaking to her viewers as normal, as a random stranger appeared to direct a punch her way.

Fortunately, the strike did not connect with the stranger pulling away at the last second, but the encounter left the streamer visibly shocked: “She almost hit me right?!”

Given the majority of her interactions with pedestrians in the United Kingdom have been positive, her viewers were extremely surprised to see yet another negative act.



Once again, Lee continued with her adventures despite the incident, showcasing her extremely thick skin, by exploring what the rest of the city had to offer.

Racism on Twitch

Unfortunately, it could be argued that racism is on the rise during IRL live streams on Twitch with another incident occurring during a recent broadcast from ‘iGUMDROP’, where her friend shouted ‘hold your purse’ after walking past a black man, who was minding his own business on the sidewalk.

Due to the random nature of public IRL streams, these incidents can be difficult to prevent, although in iGUMDROP’s case Twitch was able to take action against her channel. 

Following the racist attacks in Germany, Gianni Lee has urged her viewers not to respond to the incidents with hatred, and clarified that most people she meets on her travels are welcoming.

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