IRL Twitch streamer embarrassed after pickup attempt ruined by girl’s dad

Michael Gwilliam
Twitch streamer tries to pickup girl

An IRL Twitch streamer’s attempt to pickup a girl and get her Instagram ended in disaster after her dad showed up.

Twitch streamer MeesterKeem was hanging out in New York City with one goal in mind: get his new friend TG the Instagram account of a girl he likes.

After promising to help his friend find a girl, the steamer spotted a girl that TG might be interested in.

Once he confirmed that TG was into the girl, MeesterKeem made his move, but it couldn’t have gone any worse than how it did.

Streamer’s pickup attempt goes horribly wrong

“I have a quick question,” the streamer said, getting the attention of the girl his friend was into. “I stream on Twitch and I could not help but notice, as you were taking that picture, how beautiful you were.”

First of all, that much cheese is pretty unhealthy for anyone. Second of all, the girl couldn’t help but laugh at MeesterKeem’s statement, but maybe not for the reasons he had hoped.

“You’re beautiful. Question. This is my boy TG. We’re trying to pickup somebody’s Instagram today. Are you down to hook him up with your Instagram?” he asked, seemingly with all Trojan and no horse.

Before the girl could even reply, however, a man stepped in and put an end to the pickup attempt dead in its tracks, identifying himself as her father.

Girl’s family stops streamer’s pickup attempt

“I’m her father,” he surprised the streamer and his friend. “Hi TG. Good luck on your adventure.”

For his part, the IRL Twitch star apologized right away, offering to shake the man’s hand, claiming he was only doing it “for the content.”

At this point, the girl even started recording and to make things even more humiliating, her mother and brother even showed up, revealing it to be a family affair.

Mortified, the streamer and his friend took the L and got out of there with their heads hung in defeat, but hey, you miss one-hundred percent of the shots you don’t take. It just so happens that for this shot, there was a whole family in the net.