IRL Twitch streamer BlondieWondie banned after controversial driving broadcast

Matt Porter
Instagram: BlondieWondie1

UPDATE July 26 1:27PM PST

BlondieWondie has since contacted us and said: “I never read chat and am unable to with Apple CarPlay. That is false. I never got a ticket as well and didn’t break the law.”

IRL streamer ‘BlondieWondie’ has been banned on Twitch after numerous calls for her to be punished following a broadcast which saw her speeding, reading chat and even getting pulled over by police.

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Twitch have come down hard on channels they believe are broadcasting reckless or dangerous driving, handing out suspensions to a number of channels including Hasan Piker, who received a ban for checking his phone while stopped in his vehicle.

Now, Twitch have handed down a punishment to BlondieWondie, removing her channel on July 26 following her actions during her road trip stream to Mexico.

Instagram: BlondieWondie1
BlondieWondie was caught speeding in her Porsche by law enforcement.
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The streamer was livestreaming her road trip to Mexico in her Porshe, as viewers of her broadcast watched as she sped, read her chat and fiddled with her music, and was eventually pulled over by law enforcement.

BlondieWondie immediately apologized after her meeting with law enforcement, claiming that she didn’t “know the speed limit” and had missed the freeway.

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Viewers who attempt to view her channel on July 26 will find that they won’t be able to, as it appears to have been removed by Twitch following her antics behind the wheel.

It’s not clear how long BlondieWondie has been banned for, however Hasan Piker originally received a seven day ban for his error, so it’s likely that hers will be similar, probably expiring on August 2. Dexerto have reached out to BlondieWondie and Twitch for comment.

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It seems probable that she has been banned for breaking Twitch’s Community Guidelines, which specifically state that “Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to physical harm is prohibited, including suicide threats, intentional physical drama, illegal use of drugs and dangerous and distracted driving.”

She was likely also banned for her run in with the police, as breaking the law while broadcasting is also against the Community Guidelines and punishable by a ban.