IRL Twitch stream ended by angry stranger taking streamer’s phone

IRL Twitch streamer PacNWTwitch: PacNW

An IRL Twitch streamer had his broadcast abruptly ended after a stranger accused him of filming inside their house and took his phone.

IRL Twitch streams are often a mixed bag. More often than not, they’ll go absolutely fine, but occasionally something completely bizarre and out of the blue will happen, and that’s where the excitement can often be in IRL streams.

Unfortunately, these public engagements aren’t always good, and can end terribly for the streamer. We’ve seen broadcasters be racially abused while walking down a street, and even possible robberies as examples of how badly things can go.

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That’s exactly what streamer PacNW found out during one of his streams on October 1.

Ice Poseidon IRL streamIce Poseidon
Content creators such as Ice Poseidon helped revolutionize IRL streaming.

While walking around the streets of Portland, Pac turned the camera onto someone’s home — and was immediately pulled up by the owner of the house, who came out to question what he was doing.

After Pac explained that he was livestreaming, and that he couldn’t “delete the video” because it had already disappeared from the stream, the resident followed him and demanded he delete it, getting evidently more agitated as his requests were ignored.

Finally, the stranger grabbed Pac’s phone and started trying to figure out how to delete the video, with the stream abruptly ending just 17 minutes after it started, with Pac in the background pleading to have his phone back.

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Pac went live again shortly after, obviously getting his phone back after the stream was cut off and obviously (and naturally) a bit peeved about the situation.

It’s unclear what exactly went down after the first broadcast ended, but it didn’t take long for the next one to come up, so it can’t have been too bad. That said, the VOD remains up on Pac’s channel, so it never actually got deleted as the stranger demanded.