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IRL streamer’s zipline ride ends in unexpected fail

Published: 6/Mar/2020 23:53

by Michael Gwilliam


Korean Twitch streamer ‘Jinnytty’ continued her tour of Texas on March 6 by going on a Lake Travis Zipline adventure, but didn’t anticipate that she’d wind up getting stuck.

After a couple successful zipline trips and quite a bit of hiking, the streamer was about to go on her longest ride yet.

“We are zipping Jinny on lake side,” the instructor said while getting the steamer geared up.

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After counting her down from three, the Twitch streamer slid her way down the zipline and seemed to be enjoying herself.

Her camera was able to capture a gorgeous view of the expansive lake and trees surrounding the area northwest of Austin.


Unfortunately for the streamer, her ride was cut short as the speed began to fall off, eventually slowing down to a snail’s pace.

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“What? I’m slowing down,” Jinny laughed.

After coming to a halt, staff on the other side started yelling at the streamer to “grab the loop” so they would be able to reel her in.

Although she reached out in an attempt to grab the loop, Jinny’s arms were too short, and she soon found herself going backwards.

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“Oh no!” she groaned as she starting going the other way entirely. “Well, we’re stuck.”


On the bright side, the staff were quick to fix the predicament and came to her aid, giving her a device to clip onto her tether so they could pull her to the end of the ride.

For her part, the entertainer was appreciative of the help she received and thanked the staff for their prompt assistance.

Even though she was stuck for a few moments, the streamer went on to say that she loved it and that it was “crazy fun.”

Between ziplining and bonding with waitresses at Hooters, it would seem like Jinny is really enjoying her time visiting Texas thus far – and there’s no telling what hjinks she’ll get involved with next!