IRL streamer stuns Greggs employee by freestyle rapping his food order - Dexerto

IRL streamer stuns Greggs employee by freestyle rapping his food order

Published: 16/Feb/2020 21:53

by Meg Bethany Koepp


An IRL streamer shocked a Greggs employee by ordering his food via the form of freestyle rap, and he actually spits some pretty good bars!

In-real-life broadcasts can be very unpredictable at times due to their unsuspecting nature. Life stops at nothing – even during a Twitch stream. Sometimes though, it’s the personality that surprises everyone else.

Rapper ‘FarTooBaked’ took to the streets of Eastbourne, UK to show off his musical skills and stunned viewers and a worker in British bakery chain Greggs by stringing together some freestyle bars to place his food order.

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Freestyling Greggs order

On February 16, FarTooBaked drove from his home into town to partake in rap dares from his Twitch chat while wearing a Go-Pro camera so they could get a clear view of the action. After parking his car, he ventured to Greggs for the first stop on his escapades.


Upon arriving and joining the huge queue which is only natural for England, the rapper asked his viewers what he should buy. “Order food and give it away to one homeless guy,” he read out. “Alright, we’ll order some food!”

“Okay, I’ll order some food and give it away to some homeless geeza. How many sausage rolls should we order?” he asked his chat as the line progressed, before telling them to type things he should say during the freestyle. “We’ll order loads, yeah? We’ll order a load of sausage rolls and s**t. Get ready with some words, start spamming some words now!”


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The streamer then approached the unsuspecting Greggs employee and instead of simply telling him his food order, he began to freestyle it instead. “Hey, what’s up, man?” he asked, before breaking into song.

“10 sausage rolls for a couple guys outside in the street, G. Gonna get a couple of the pizza slices too, maybe. And I’ll have a couple of these raspberry and almond bakies, I’ll take two, please,” he rapped, as he placed two packets of the baked sweets on the counter.

“And a couple of the cheese slices. I’m like, listen, a couple of people don’t really know how to be living life properly, did you get it all, G?” he finished. “I’mma pull out my card, a couple of people say that when I’m rapping it’s a little hard, but I’m like G, I find it easy, it’s a breeze to me! Couple of people in Greggs feeling the flow, I’m like yo, I’m on the Go-Pro!”


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After receiving his food and giving it out, FarTooBaked visited a few more stores where he surprised people with his bars – including an employee in greetings card store Clintons.

“Would you like a freestyle, bruv? Like rapping?” he asked the young looking sales clerk, who replied with “Yeah, go on!” and readied up to listen. “Alright, check this out, man!” the streamer replied before showed the guy his Twitch chat and explained how they type words that influence his songs.

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“When I roll up, people don’t really get what I do when I show up with a Go-Pro and I come through with the freestyle flow. They don’t really know how I do this rap, going around the UK with my wordplay,” he rapped. “I do it like this, little bit savage, people talk about beef when they rap but not me, chief. A couple of people left in disbelief at what I do, I’m like yo, watch me, peep in the chat as I come through.”


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“That’s really good, bro! What’s your name?!” the employee exclaimed once FarTooBaked had finished, clearly extremely impressed at the musician’s bar spitting skills.

While it’s a different way to communicate with store workers and order food, it’s hard to argue that the Twitch rapper doesn’t have some crazy talent when it comes to his craft.