IRL streamer shot live during broadcast by a security guard

An IRL YouTube streamer was injured when a security guard discharged his weapon while the streamer was broadcasting on Thursday, February 14.

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According to viewers who were watching the now deleted broadcast, the streamer known as Furry Potato Live was walking around Los Angeles, California when he came across a synagogue and decided to film the building as he walked by.

As he began to record the outside of the synagogue, a security guard stationed behind a gate asked the pair why they were recording, and grew suspicious when the streamer declined to answer. Viewers state that the guard instructed Furry Potato Live to stay still, but the streamer continued to walk back and forth, prompting the guard to unholster his weapon and Furry Potato Live to stop in his tracks.

The guard can be seen holding his weapon in the footage taken from the stream.
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In a clip posted to the /r/LivestreamFail subreddit, Furry Potato Live can be heard saying: “He said he’s going to shoot me dead if I move, ladies and gentlemen.”

Furry Potato Live began to move to his right, away from the synagogue, at which point the security guard, who was behind a gate while Furry Potato Live was on the sidewalk, fired a shot. It’s unclear in the video if the shot was aimed at the streamer’s leg or if it was aimed into the ground.

“Ah! Fucker shot me,” yelled Furry Potato Live. “Fucker shot me in the leg!” Bystanders can then be heard telling the guard to put his gun down, while others shouted to call the police.

The shot is fired at 1:33 in the clip, which can be viewed below. 

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Viewers claim that police arrived and placed Furry Potato Live in handcuffs, but eventually helped the streamer receive medical attention. In a comment on his YouTube channel, Furry Potato Live claimed that the security guard had been arrested by police and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 

Furry Potato Live claimed that the guard had been arrested.
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The streamer ended his broadcast while in the back of an ambulance, and showed the wound on his right leg to viewers before he shut down the stream.

**Warning – Some readers may find this image distressing.**

A look at the wound suffered by Furry Potato Live.
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We will be sure to update this article with any new information as it becomes available.