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IRL streamer shocked after witnessing brutal motorcycle crash in Vietnam

Published: 9/Mar/2020 19:43

by Michael Gwilliam


A German Twitch streamer was left absolutely stunned while wandering the streets of the Vietnam capital Hanoi on Sunday night and witnessing a motorcycle crash.

The streamer, who goes by TeamPMS_ItsPat, was casually walking down the road when a swarm of people on motorbikes came cruising by.

Unfortunately for the cyclists, a large truck was taking up most of the street, making it difficult for cars, let alone bikes, to get by. Adding to the difficulty was a smaller car parked just in front of the truck, leaving a little gap.

The aftermath of the crash.

While Pat watched a car struggle to get through the opening, soon several motorcycles sped up in an attempt to get through the path.


The first cyclist was able to successfully fit through the opening while the second decided to go completely around and drive on the sidewalk. As the next few formed a line to get through the gap, one rider couldn’t break in time and crashed into the truck.

“Whoa, s**t!” the streamed cried after witnessing the collision. “Oh s**t! Oh s**t! Oh s**t!”

Upon closer inspection, it appeared as if the first crash caused another bike to go flying and land on the side of the truck.

While the motorist who first crashed was quick to get back on his bike and try to drive off, his bike seemed to have either stalled or he couldn’t control it as a few moments later it was left in the middle of the road.


“Holy s**t!” the IRL streamer exclaimed, still unable to get over what he witnessed.

Luckily, it seemed like everyone was okay, though the bikes would certainly have seen better days.

According to the BBC, the city of Hanoi has over five million motorcycles and plans to ban the popular transport by 2030 to combat pollution.

Perhaps pollution is only part of the problem when crashes like this happen on the street.