IRL streamer plugs Twitch Prime on local news following a bomb threat

by Bill Cooney


Live streamer Alec Ludford took a local news interview about a nearby bomb threat as an opportunity to advertise his Twitch channel.


Ludford is an IRL streamer who streams fishing, grilling, kayaking, and more on his Twitch channel.

He didn’t make the bomb threat, but he didn’t waste his opportunity to self-promote while being interviewed about it.


After they get his name, Ludford shows the confused-looking reporter and her cameraman Twitch chat, and explains how it all works.

“This is called Twitch.tv, and it’s owned by Amazon,” the streamer explains to the news crew, who just keep looking more and more uncomfortable. “If you have Amazon Prime, you can link your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account and you can sub to me every month.”


It’s definitely one of the most unique places a Twitch channel has even been plugged, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately for Ludford, the cameraman stopped filming before he was able to begin pitching his channel, but with the amount of views the clip has gained he might have gotten a few subscribers out of it.