IRL streamer hatches genius plan to save girl being harassed in Tokyo


Twitch streamer ‘robcdee’ is well-known for his IRL adventures in Tokyo, Japan and helping out tourists in distress. His March 20 broadcast proved once again that he’s up for the challenge – even when those in need don’t speak English.

Rob was walking through the popular Shibuya district at night when he spotted a woman being chatted up by two men.

In Japan, it’s common for men to use a very aggressive style of flirting. Despite it being a popular practice in the country, it’s still frowned upon.

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While the streamer didn’t approach the Spanish-speaking girl at first, she definitely noticed him and eyed Rob as he walked past her, talking with his chat about a drink he had bought.

“Girl in distress?” sub-gifter Collected1 asked.

“She’s okay,” Rob replied. “She’s Spanish.”

The Spanish tourist noticed Rob walking down the street.

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However, his chat didn’t agree with the observation and encouraged the streamer to step in. “Save her,” another user responded. “Yeah, that girl seemed weirded out.”

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“Actually? Really?” Rob wondered, and did a quick 180 turn. “You guys just want another clip.”

Just like that, Rob, who is actually from Australia, approached the woman and claimed to be from Spain.

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The girl, however, didn’t buy it, and questioned Rob’s nationality even though the two Japanese men continued to chat her up. After his attempt at speaking Spanish failed, he had no choice but to be upfront about his true intentions.

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“I’m trying to help you!” he laughed.

The woman finally got the hint and leaned closer to Rob while the Japanese men started wondering if he was her boyfriend or not.

The girl’s boyfriend showed up after Rob helped her out.

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“No, just friends,” he replied. “Let’s go. Have a good night, guys.”

With that, Rob was able to get the girl away from the two men right as her actual boyfriend approached from the other side of the street.

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Rob has made quite a name for himself saving tourists in need, including one instance where he helped a drunk man get back to his Airbnb.

Clearly, he’s the hero Tokyo needs – and maybe even the one it deserves.

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