IRL Streamer Hampton Brandon Arrested by Bounty Hunter on Six Outstanding Warrants and Given $100k Bail

by Mike Kent


The streaming career of one IRL personality appears to be over, at least for the foreseeable future.

Controversial personality "Hampton Brandon" was detained by a bounty hunter on six separate outstanding warrants, with a bail of $100,000.


The 25-year-old YouTuber, real name Brandon Gross, is originally from New York, but has been documenting his life via IRL (in real life) streams in Los Angeles.

Brandon has been one of the more outlandish IRL personalities, but has amassed a sizeable audience and regularly pulls in over 4,000 concurrents when he goes live.


The streamer has been detained on multiple occasions while on stream, including an incident at the end of June in Texas when he was arrested for drinking in the street.

On July 5th an Instagram live feed showed Brandon sat in the back of a car while in handcuffs.


His friend, who livestreamed via Instagram, asked him what happened, and the streamer gave a very blunt response.

“I’m going to jail for a long time. Apparently a $100,000. Felony shit. DMV shit.”



However, not everyone’s convinced that he’ll be away for long.

The streamer has been arrested and involved in a number of high profile incidents, including fighting, and continues to be released by the police.