IRL streamer freaks out after deer steals and eats his Japan travel pass


An IRL streamer’s broadcast in Nara, Japan quickly went south when a deer stole his Japan Rail Pass from him. The Twitch personality lost it when the animal tried to eat his travel document.

The city of Nara is known for its historic temples, and beautiful sights. The Prefecture capital is most known for its iconic park where majestic deer roam to mingle with visitors.

However, a Twitch streamer’s peaceful experience was disrupted when one of the mammals took his rail pass from him and began to munch down on it. Panicked, the IRL personality jumped in to get it back.

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IRL streamer’s rail pass stolen by deer

Streamer ‘Joey Kaoty’ was visiting Nara on March 27, and broadcasted his experience at the infamous park. He and his companion waited as the animals began to surround them. “They’re smelling us, oh s**t. Don’t move!” he exclaimed.

However one of the mammals came up from behind them and dove into his streaming partner’s purse. “Yo, there ain’t nothing in there! What are you doing?” he yelled at the creature. The deer then lifted up his head with the IRL personality’s travel pass in his mouth.

“That’s my JR Pass!” Joey screamed. The streamer then dove towards the creature and tugged at the document that he was now chewing on. “Give my f**king JR Pass now! He’s chewing my f**king JR Pass!” He then managed to yank the pass back from the animal and exclaimed “Yoink, mother f**ker!”

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Still flustered by the incident, the Twitch personality then yelled out loud. “I’m so triggered right now! Man, there is spit all over it!” He then held up the document to the camera to show his viewers.

While he managed to get the expensive pass back, he was still stunned by what had just happened. “Goddamn. So triggered, dude. I’m done f**king with deers.”

His streaming partner burst into laughter over watching him scramble for his railway pass. “It’s not funny! Oh, you’re having so much fun now. That was fun!” he exclaimed jokingly.

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The Japan Rail Pass is offered to tourists and can only be purchased outside of the country. The document lets you use the bullet train up and down the countryside at reduced prices.

While it’s a huge saving for those looking to visit Japan, the JR ticket can be worth hundreds of dollars depending on the package that is paid for, making the streamer’s reaction completely understandable.