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IRL streamer confronted by furious stranger over his cigarette smoke

Published: 2/Feb/2020 1:04

by Brent Koepp


A Twitch personality’s stream was interrupted when a man exploding with anger confronted him over his cigarette, showing the incredibly unpredictable nature of IRL broadcasts.

IRL streams are exciting for the unpredictability of being in the real world as you never know what can happen. But for the same reasons, things can also get scary pretty quickly.

A Twitch personality’s February 1 broadcast became an example of that when a stranger raged out over his cigarette. The smoker was left stunned over the man’s anger towards his habit.

Streamer ‘cwatt’ was walking around the streets of New York when a man suddenly approached him. The stranger held out his hand, and motioned for the Twitch personality to hand over his cigarette.


The furious citizen then began to scream and swear at the personality, until he gave him his smoke. “Take it. Jesus Christ!” he said, handing it over. He then turned around to see the man explode in a rant full of expletives.

While it’s unclear what he was saying, it seems he wasn’t a fan of secondhand smoke. “What the f**k just happened? Holy sh*t!” the streamer told his chat. Another passerby asked him what he had done, so he replied, “I did nothing. He wanted my cigarette!”

Still stunned by the exchange, cwatt exclaimed, “What the f**k?. Goddammit. That’s going to go on LSF!” referencing Reddit’s LivestreamFails section which hosts Twitch clips. “Why was he so angry?” he asked, before breaking into laughter.


As the Twitch streamer continued to walk down the sidewalk, he clarified the incident to his viewers. “I wasn’t actually scared. I just felt really awkward. I just wanted to get away from the situation. I wasn’t actually nervous!”

Replying to someone in his chat, he said, “I just kept walking? True. Let’s be honest, he’s insane. I could’ve beat his a**. But I don’t want to f**king fight someone in the middle of the street!”

While it’s still not entirely clear what exactly the man was upset about, he wanted the streamer’s cigarette and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. Regardless, it’s an example of how quickly an IRL broadcast can be turned into a tense situation.


In the end, Cwatt didn’t seem too phased by the incident, and continued on after the uncomfortable exchange.