IRL streamer captures epic GTA V style police chase on camera

by Virginia Glaze


Thanks to the advent of IRL streaming, anyone with streaming equipment can broadcast their outings for a live audience to see - which can result in some hilarious and unexpected moments, as evidenced by one Twitch streamer’s July broadcast.

While many IRL streamers broadcast their everyday routines or nights out on the town, streamer ‘SoWeQ’ decided to share his walk down a road in the middle of the Nordic countryside - a decision that ended up being a bit more adventful than a mere hike outdoors.

SoWeQ and a friend were making their way down a narrow road beside a set of train tracks when they heard police sirens, with the streamer urging their friend to get off the road, should police cars come speeding down the way.

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
This IRL streamer wasn't in a game of GTA V - although it sure seemed like it.


As it so happens, SoWeQ’s decision to stream caught an actual police chase on camera, as a motorcycle came careening down the path with a law enforcement vehicle in tow just behind them.

“Holy shit!” SoWeQ laughingly exclaimed as the two sped past. “That guy, he better be running, man! That guy better be running! Jesus Christ!”

The moment quickly went viral across sites like Reddit, with some users finding the ridiculous scene like something out of GTA V - but that wouldn’t be the only “GTA V-esque” moment captured on a Twitch stream, by far.

An IRL streamer was broadcasting his bike ride in August 2018 when he similarly became part of a high-speed police chase - but this time, his involvement in the action wasn’t as a mere bystander.

Instead, they nearly got run over by the offending vehicle, after hearing a Corvette revving its engine behind him: the car quickly sped past him and blasted through an intersection just ahead of the streamer, shortly followed by a series of police cars, sirens blaring.

Considering Twitch’s incredibly wide and varied userbase, it comes as no surprise that moments like these are caught on camera from time to time, giving viewers at home a huge shock when they happen - although the streamers are likely the ones nearly having a heart attack!