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IRL streamer can’t stop laughing after he’s trolled by stream sniper

Published: 2/Mar/2020 23:22

by Brent Koepp


An IRL streamer’s broadcast was interrupted by a perfectly-timed stream snipe that left the Twitch personality in absolute stitches.

In-real-life streams are fun to watch as viewers never know what the personality is going to run into. The unpredictable nature of the real world makes for exciting entertainment.

However, sometimes tricky audience goers can use the format to their advantage and find where the broadcast is happening to crash it. That is what happened to a hitch-hiking Twitch streamer.

IRL streamer’s broadcast hilariously sniped

IRL streamer ‘Hitch’ is currently hitchhiking across Europe, and is documenting his trip to Twitchcon. The annual event is being held in Amsterdam, and runs from May 2 to 3.


While in Croatia during his March 2 stream, the personality was walking down the street and talking to his chat when he noticed someone in the distance holding a sign.

As the person got closer, it was revealed to be a viewer hilariously holding a piece of cardboard that read “SUB for FREE with TWITCH PRIME.”

The streaming personality burst into laughter, and couldn’t stop as the moment was so absurd. “Oh, it was hilarious!” he told his chat, before explaining, “Guy was walking down the street carrying a cardboard sign with ‘subscribe for free with Twitch Prime’ on it!”


Soon after, the Twitch personality received a subscription and exclaimed “Yay, it worked!” before praising the stream snipe for actually taking effort and being well executed.

“See, he put work into that. Because he like wrote out that sign and everything. Had to find the road I was on. Make sure he was walking against so he could flash the sign. Oh man!” he said. When a viewer asked who the man was, he replied “I have no idea! They were just walking past me!”

As long as streamers broadcast in the real world, there will be viewers looking to find a way to get involved. Thankfully for Hitch, the snipe was pretty wholesome and left him in tears of laughter.


The personality continues to grow his audience as he takes his chat with him around the world. At the time of writing, he’s amassed over 80k followers to his channel on the streaming platform.