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IRL streamer breaks down after losing €1,000 in San Francisco

Published: 10/Mar/2020 17:57

by Michael Gwilliam


Korean streamer ‘Jinny’s’ day in San Francisco, California ended in disaster after losing her purse that contained over $1,000 – and her ID cards.

While the IRL streamer was at a drugstore trying to make a purchase, she discovered she was missing her purse, and it was not in her bag.

“I have my passport, phone and everything – just the purse,” Jinny told her chat while walking down the aisles of the store, retracing her steps.

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Eventually, the streamer headed back outside in an attempt to find it. Just as things were looking grim, Jinny found her wallet laying on the ground, much to her relief.


“Oh my God,” she cried and rushed to pick it up. “I found it!” she said with a wide grin on her face.

Unfortunately for Jinny, her brief moment of happiness turned to sorrow the second she looked inside.

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“My one-thousand Euros are gone. It’s f**king gone,” she revealed, showing the barren innards of her wallet.

The emotional streamer endured a lot in a matter of minutes: losing her purse, finding her wallet, and then discovering it was empty all while in a foreign country.

As the streamer teared up, viewers started to send her money, including a massive $520 donation from someone named ‘Kaz’.


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Perhaps still too emotional to thank the donor right away, Jinny continued to sob and wondered, “Why would anyone take my Korean ID card?”

While the whole incident was a roller-coaster of emotions, the streamer managed to pull herself together and head back to her hotel to cancel her cards.

This wasn’t the only crazy incident to happen during Jinny’s Sam Fransisco trip, either. Earlier in the day, the streamer and her companion ‘yugwha0901’ were confronted by a homeless man, who called the two “b*tches.”

Hopefully, the rest of Jinny’s trip can be more relaxing, in spite of her concerning loss in a foreign country.