IRL streamer AndyPyro wowed by perfect Linkin Park cover at karaoke bar

Wikimedia Commons / Twitch: OfficialAndyPyro

Popular Twitch streamer Anssi ‘AndyPyro’ Huovinen was enjoying a casual night out with friends at a local pub when a karaoke performance of Linkin Park’s Papercut left him absolutely stunned.

IRL streams often lead to a number of bizarre and even uncomfortable moments, yet every now and then something incredible is caught on camera.

Sharing his time at a local bar with viewers around the world, former PUBG pro-turned-IRL streamer, AndyPyro, was left stunned by a jaw-dropping rendition of Linkin Park’s Papercut during a karaoke performance in Finland.

Instagram: twitchandy
AndyPyro was enjoying a night out at a nearby pub during his February 19 Twitch stream.


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Having been sat at the bar for just over two hours, the opening track from Linkin Park’s 2000 release, Hybrid Theory, came over the speakers and quickly caught everyone’s attention.

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Just seconds into the song, one of the pub-goers let out an impressive scream to start the performance, dropping the jaws of everyone on camera.

Cheering them on, the IRL streamer almost couldn’t believe just how authentic the guttural roar was to that of Chester Bennington’s.

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Continuing through the rest of the track, AndyPyro even turned the camera to face the two performers as they flowed from smooth rapping to harmonic singing during the chorus.

Letting out one final scream to cap off the performance, everyone in the venue stood and applauded as the karaoke duo walked off.

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Unfortunately for the streamer, he happened to be up next on the microphone and one of his friends even joked that he has “to top that” extraordinary performance.

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Having wowed the entire audience, there’s no denying that the performance set the bar for the rest of the night.

Rather than trying to one-up the impressive Linkin Park rendition however, the streamer went for the more humorous play instead and took on the challenge of covering John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads.’