IRL streamer stumbles upon couple having sex in public parking lot

by Virginia Glaze


Thanks to the advent of IRL streaming, just about anyone is able to broadcast their daily lives for all to see, with some streamers accidentally capturing hilarious and unexpected moments - some of which are downright NSFW, as evidenced by one streamer’s unfortunate confrontation in a parking lot.

While many IRL streamers have had awkward encounters with passersby during their broadcasts, one streamer got a bit more than he bargained for during a simple night out on the town.

The streamer in question, wearing a classic tourist button-up shirt, was making his way down the street when he suddenly paused, as though he’d seen something to the left of him out of frame of the camera.

Unfortunately for one IRL streamer, a public parking lot became an intimate setting for two frisky strangers.


As it so happens, the streamer had stumbled upon a highly NSFW scene, finding a couple “getting their rocks off” smack dab in the middle of a public parking lot - streetlights and crowds be damned.

“Oh, what the fuck,” the streamer said dismally, pointing out the debacle to other passersby. “What the fuck! They’re fucking, there. They’re fucking. That’s fucked up!”

[WARNING: the clip below is highly NSFW.]

Although this streamer’s particular situation is one-in-a-million (at least- hopefully), it wouldn’t be the first time an IRL streamer has captured an intimate moment on camera, by far: in fact, one Korean couple actually broadcasted themselves "getting it on" during a stream on June 28, in what seemed to be a purposeful stunt.

Twitch is rife with accidental NSFW moments - most of which ultimately result in a ban.


The offending channel was quickly banned after moderators took notice of the debacle, although some commenters questioned if the stream was actually happening in real time or just a troll trying to troll mods by streaming porn: but such a scandal wouldn’t be new to the platform, either.

In fact, trolls have even made a game out of seeing who can dodge moderators the longest while streaming pornographic material on the site, with one stream going viral after acquiring over 5,000 concurrent viewers while broadcasting hardcore porn.

While our parking lot streamer likely didn’t intend to capture such NSFW material, he - and his entire audience - unfortunately bore witness to the gross encounter: just one of many such scandals that have cropped up throughout Twitch’s lifetime.