IRL streamer Mitch Jones responds to Twitch ban after showing racist DM

Connor Bennett
L: MitchJonez. R: Twitch.

Popular Twitch streamer Mitch Jones has responded following his ban from the livestreaming platform on September 20, claiming that he is on “thin ice.”

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Mitch Jones is one of Twitch’s most popular IRL streamers, racking up over 415,000 followers in his eight years streaming on the platform. He’s been involved in drama and had suspensions before, but he landed himself in hot water on September 20.

Jones was handed his most recent suspension from Twitch for showing private DMs on-stream that showed he had used a racial slur. With Twitch saying nothing about the ban, fans of the IRL streamer had been left in the dark over his temporary exit.

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Mitch Jones, Twitter
MitchJones is one of Twitch’s more popular IRL streamers.

The streamer finally addressed his most recent ban by tweeting a small statement to his 86,000 followers on September 22. 

“As most of you can see I (have) been banned. It’s a 30-day ban and I am on very thin ice right now,” Jones said in a now-deleted Tweet. “I will be changing the way I stream when I come back. I love you all and I am going to do better.”

The IRL streamer claimed he needs to make changes upon his return to Twitch.
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As Twitch doesn’t typically comment, at least not publicly, on community guidelines violations, fans have only have had Jones’ word to go off of. With his initial ban coming on September 20, that would be mean his 30 days would be up on October 20. 

Just what changes he has in-store for that return, remain to be seen, but the streamer claims that his channel will see a shake-up. “I legit just need to take a step back and build something better,” he said after another streamer told him to crack down on his chat’s behavior. 

Mitch Jones addressed his changes in a conversation with a fellow Twitch streamer.
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However, his statement and follow-up tweets weren’t enough for some fans, who wanted to see the streamer own up to showing a racial slur on-stream and not blame the community that he has created. 

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Fans may want to see his IRL streams continue on, especially moments like when he runs into strange arguments with members of the public for seemingly no reason at all, but it appears as if that won’t be the case. 

Regardless though, the streamer has at least acknowledged that some changes need to be made so it could be a case of opting against getting involved in drama and beef like what led to his ban in the first place.