IRL motorbike streamer ambushed in surprise sex toy attack

by Meg Bethany Koepp


IRL Twitch streamer 'realMoji' got the shock of his life after his innocent motorcycle broadcast quickly took a NSFW twist when a stream sniper ambushed him with a sex toy.

In-real-life streaming can lead to the accidental capture of many strange and unexpected situations, such as painful injuries, people driving dangerously, and more.

One IRL broadcaster found this out the hard way and was left stunned when he was stream-sniped by a viewer and 'attacked' with a sex toy on July 24.

When stream-sniping turns NSFW

German streamer realMoji was riding around on his motorbike when he stopped for traffic at a red light. Suddenly, another motorcyclist pulled up next to him, got off his bike, and proceeded to try and stick a dildo to the broadcaster's helmet.

"Hold it! What the fuck?!" he laughed, as the stream sniper stuck the rubber penis to the front of his vehicle.

Twitch: realMoji
Twitch: realMoji
The stream sniper stuck a suction-cup dildo to realMoji's bike.

The rest of the interaction was in German so we can't understand what was said, but the pair were both giggling away so there was obviously no animosity over what just happened.

The sniper then dabbed before realMoji stuck his arm out to shake hands with him in what can only be described as a strangely wholesome interaction. 

Eventually, the pair drove off in seperate directions - but not before the owner of the dildo took back his phallic possession.

It's not the weirdest stream snipe we've seen

One female Twitch streamer had an extremely bizarre encounter with a sniper during her broadcast on June 12 after she got out of her seat to use the bathroom in a public restaurant.

In the slightly disturbing clip, the unnamed woman was drinking a soda before she got up out of her seat and told her chat she was going to the toilet. "Okay, be right back, guys. I need to pee again. Round two. Be right back!"

She was out of shot for a few seconds before the male customer sat next to her leaned over to sniff her seat.

It seems like there's always something weird going down on Twitch, and IRL streams just seem to highlight some of the weirdest human behaviours.