IRL bounty hunter streamer kicks down woman's door during hot pursuit

Meg Bethany Koepp

One woman found out the hard way not to mess with private bounty hunters, after an IRL Twitch streamer kicked her door down after she racially stereotyped his colleague.

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Twitch is home to streamers from all around the world with a variety of different content, so it’s barely a surprise at this point that one man streams his IRL private bounty hunting business.

During his June 17 stream, StephenIRL took viewers along for the ride while he pursued a bounty on a woman and what ensued was totally unexpected.

Twitch: StephenIRL
StephenIRL and his colleague were pursuing a private bounty when they had to bust the door down.
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Why did they bust the door down?

The pair were hunting a woman known only as ‘Samantha’ during the bounty hunt. There’s no information on what she actually did wrong, but presumably she’d been evading police for a while.

“That’s her! Look at her tattoo!” the bounty hunter exclaims as they drive up to the suspect’s house. They then race out of the car and up to the front door, shouting “Hey, Samantha, I need you to come on out!”

“No!” the lady says, before shutting the door in their faces. Fearful that she would escape justice again, one of the hunters commands the other to “get to the back” before starting to kick in the front door. “It’s coming, it’s coming!” he says as he busts open the door with full force.

“Warrant! You need to come out with your hands up!” they command before the stream’s connection sadly starts to fail.

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But then this happened…

After the lady’s arrest, the bounty hunters took her to what is presumably a police station. While waiting, StephenIRL questions her on why she decided to shut the door and run off, rather than just submit and get the ordeal over with.

She explains that the reason she shut the door was because the bounty hunter’s colleague was due to the color of his skin. “Oh, come on!” the hunter says, before him and his partner erupt into fits of laughter. “She saw a black guy, so she shut the door!”

“See? I should have just went by myself!” he jokes. “I wouldn’t have had to kick a door down.” The woman tries to explain herself in more detail, but the pair ignore her and continue to make fun of her and make light of the vulgar situation.

This just goes to show once again that you never know what will happen in the world of Twitch – there’s always something going on to keep viewers on their toes.