Instagram model shatters chicken McNugget eating world record

Instagram model sets world record for nuggetsYouTube/ Guinness World Records

An Instagram model and competitive eater destroyed the world record for most chicken McNuggets eaten in one minute.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t love chicken nuggets, but do you know anyone who can eat 20 in just sixty seconds? That’s exactly what Leah Shutkever set out to do when she attempted to break the world record.

While Leah is an Instagram model, she’s also the UK’s top female competitive eater and holds a whopping 27 world record titles.

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In a wild video, the eater aimed to take down 12.42 oz of McNuggets and to make it even more impressive, she did so without dipping sauce – a staple of nugget lovers everywhere.

Instagram model eats foodInstagram/shutkeverofficial
This model can eat more than you.

Instagram star devours 19 McNuggets in one minute

In the video, Leah held nothing back, popping nugget after nugget into her mouth and only occasionally having a sip of water between bites.

By the time the minute had elapsed, the previous record of 10.51 oz held by Nela Zisser had bit the dust with Shutkever reigning supreme.

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However, she was still left feeling hungry as while she set a new record, there was one nugget left over – something she was actually quite sad about.

“I’ll be honest, I’m really disappointed about it,” she said. Still, it was quite a feat and one that could really put anyone who thinks they eat a lot of McDonald’s to shame.

It just goes to show that competitors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. As for who will go after the crown next, it remains to be seen. But seeing as how Shutkever really wanted that 20th nugget, there’s a chance that she might have to break her own record in the near future.

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