Insider claims WWE faked Saudi sale to entice other buyers

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It’s been widely speculated for months that WWE, under the stewardship of Vince McMahon, wanted to sell. A Saudi buyout looked to be the most likely option, but an insider has claimed a more sneaky ploy took place, described as “pure genius.”

We are still hot on the heels of one of the most captivating Wrestlemania Premium Live Events ever that saw another stellar performance from Logan Paul, as well as the shock debut of KSI.

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However, lurking behind the scenes of Wrestlemania 39 was the news that the WWE was in the process of being completely merged with UFC’s parent company – Endeavor Group.

The proposed takeover eventually went through and saw Endeavor stump up over $9 billion to secure the acquisition of one the biggest sports entertainment products on the planet. It’s since transpired that the alleged Saudi bid for the company was apparently a ruse all along to drum up the kind of interest we have since seen.

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WWE sale to Saudis was nothing but a “story”

In the last few years, the influence and presence of Saudi Arabia has been quite heavy in the world of sports. Major boxing events have taken place there, esports organizer ESL was purchased by Saudi investors, the Saudi-backed LIV Golf venture has caused controversy, and WWE has also been among the conversation.

A whopping 10-year agreement was signed in 2018 that would see the wrestling company deliver several big-time PPV shows a year in Saudi Arabia. So when there was discussion about the WWE being sold, a Saudi bid was inevitable.

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Reportedly, a Saudi bid was lodged at one point, but according to insider Geekdom101: “I guess I can say this now. I was told privately a few months ago that the whole ‘WWE sold to the Saudis’ was apparently a story put out to drive up the interest in other buyers. If true, To quote Donatello from TMNT 2 ‘Genius…Pure Genius.'”

The user in question has a solid track record when it comes to leaks as they gave away the ending to Godzilla vs Kong, as well as leaked the ending to The Matrix 4.

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So, there’s every chance that this is true, and from a business standpoint it does make some sense. If the leak is true, then the tactic was evidently effective.

With news of Logan Paul’s WWE contract reportedly being up and questions surrounding KSI’s future with the company, it’s an interesting time for the company moving forward.

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