Inside SypherPK’s Multi-Million Dollar Gaming Studio

David Purcell
sypherpk gaming studio

In the first-ever Dexerto Originals documentary, SypherPK gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the multi-million dollar gaming facility he’s developing for Oni Studios. 

Dexerto Originals launched on January 25 with a new documentary and tour of SypherPK’s state-of-the-art gaming complex. Followed and watched by millions of people, SypherPK provided unprecedented access to his envious studio space and setup. 

He talked through his mission for Oni Studios, and explained how this 30,000ft gaming studio will be a springboard for aspiring YouTubers or Twitch streamers. He also shared his story, including a candid tale about how he lost weight to become a fit and healthy gamer, and gave us his thoughts on the current state for Fortnite.

You can read more about Dexerto Originals, including plans for future episodes, here.