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Inside “Jana” – Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau’s explosive YouTube relationship

Published: 18/Feb/2020 16:14

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau shocked the internet when they tied the knot after just two months of dating — but their romance was short-lived, with the couple parting ways nearly five months later.

YouTube’s most buzzed-about couple has come to an end after a long and tumultuous journey that left many fans scratching their heads.

With both parties claiming to have an “open marriage” and refusing to wed “on paper,” it seemed like their union was merely a ruse for more views — but their eventual split showed that the love between them was far more valuable than any clout could ever be.


Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau pose for the camera.
Tana Mongeau, Instagram
Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul spurred a romance that took YouTube by storm.

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With their breakup making headlines across celebrity news outlets, “Jana” is once more a popular topic in social media circles. A relationship that began as mere speculation, shrouded in secrecy, quickly climbed to YouTube’s top spot in the OTP category. This history begs the question: where did it all go wrong?

The beginning of “Jana”

What is now one of YouTube’s most famous (or infamous) pairings sparked thanks to fan “detectives,” who noticed that Mongeau had uploaded a Snapchat video in Jake Paul’s bedroom in May 2019.

Speculation surrounding their love lives quickly grew out of control, prompting the YouTubers to upload a suggestive “mukbang” video addressing the matter.


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Although they claimed to not be romantically involved with one another, their video featured an off-screen kiss that begged to differ, and the two became an item shortly thereafter.

The proposal

Matching tattoos, car pranks, and even a fake family channel spawned in wake of the “Jana” romance — but that was far from its last legs, with Jake popping the question in the middle of a Las Vegas nightclub in celebration of Tana’s 21st birthday.

Using a bonafide Ring Pop a la Deadpool, Jake Paul’s proposal shook up the fandom in a major way, with many noting that their relationship was progressing incredibly fast for how long they’d been dating.


Jake Paul proposes to Tana Mongeau in a nightclub.
Tana Mongeau, Instagram
Jake Paul popped the question Deadpool-style in the middle of a nightclub after just a month of dating.

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That’s not all: the two revealed their wedding date shortly thereafter, with a source telling Hollywood Life that the couple originally planned to say their vows a mere four days later.

However, this plan didn’t end up panning out, and the two had to stall due to a few forthcoming projects, with Tana’s MTV show being one of them.

The big day

Thus, their wedding date was scheduled for July 28 at Vegas’s Graffiti Mansion, which was livestreamed for fans willing to pay the hefty fee of $50 to get a glimpse of the action in real time.


Tana Mongeau embraces her hubby Jake Paul on their wedding day.
Tana Mongeau, Instagram
Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul tied the knot shortly after getting engaged, live streaming the event for a $50 price tag.

The ceremony wasn’t without incident, though, with a fight breaking out as the couple stood at the altar. While the brawl was later claimed to have been staged, it kicked off what would be one of the net’s shortest “marriages” to date — and one of the most hectic.

Honeymoon drama

Just after their marriage, Mongeau announced that she would not be taking part in her previously planned honeymoon festivities due to a “family emergency,” which she later revealed as the unfortunate passing of her grandmother.

Meanwhile, hubby Jake lived it up on his now-solo European honeymoon — but fan speculation regarding the trip quickly grew out of control, after he was spotted posing with several women on a boat.


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While Jake later explained that he’d been seen with the models because he was filming a music video, that wouldn’t be the end of fans’ criticisms surrounding the newlyweds, by far.

The photos that shocked the net

Not even a month after their wedding, drama exploded across social media after photos of Jake Paul and ex-girlfriend Erika Costell surfaced online, with the two apparently grabbing lunch together after attending Viner Justin Roberts’ birthday party.

Erika Costell and Jake Paul grab lunch together.
Jake Paul was spotted getting lunch with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell shortly after his marriage to Tana Mongeau.

It doesn’t look like Mongeau was aware of their meeting, either, with the star revealing that she’d only learned of the meetup via Twitter and even posting a passive-aggressive “lmao wtf” in response.

The controversy around “These Days”

Although Costell refused to mention their meetup at first, she later revealed their lunch date as a means for her to “move on” from their past.

However, that wasn’t the last time Jake would be in hot water after mentioning an ex, as the YouTuber later posted a photo of himself and ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet to promote his song, “These Days” in December.

Tana opens up

It seems that all the drama, speculation, and talk of ex-girlfriends finally got to Tana, with the MTV starlet taking a break from social media and posting an emotional video admitting that she’d “lost” herself in her marriage to Jake.

“I felt like I was opening my phone every day to something that just broke me further,” she said in her video. “Finding out about the Erika s**t on Twitter killed me, because Jake and I had so many conversations where he like villainized her, and I spent so much time trying to be everything she wasn’t.”

The breakup

It came as little surprise to just about anyone following their roller coaster relationship that the two YouTubers officially broke things off not long afterwards, with both posting separate photos to Instagram explaining their amicable breakup.

“I’ll never know what the future holds and I will always love Jake and everything we did,” Mongeau wrote of their split. “I’m grateful to know throughout this I’ve made a best friend for life and found someone to do life with when no one understood me.”

Luckily for these internet stars, their marriage was never officially mandated “on paper” — but that didn’t stop Tana from trying to snag Jake’s dog Thor in the fallout of their “divorce.”

In spite of their highly-public breakup, it doesn’t look like there’s any bad blood between the two, with Tana even co-hosting ex-hubby Jake’s press conference against boxing opponent AnEsonGib (wearing a top that read “we are not dating,” for good measure).

While fan speculation later paired Mongeau with vlogging star David Dobrik, it looks like both Tana and Jake are taking some much-needed time for themselves, with Paul even admitting that boxing is his new love.