Influencer Uncle Pizza saves woman by fighting her drunk boyfriend

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An influencer by the name ‘Uncle Pizza’ is taking over social media after seemingly saving a woman from being beaten by her drunk boyfriend after giving him a few well-placed punches.

‘Uncle Pizza’ stepped into the boxing ring on April 22 at Misfits x DAZN Series 006, an event that saw a slew of high-profile influencer bouts — including JMX vs Le’Veon Bell.

Uncle Pizza fought on the undercard versus YuddyGangTV, and ended up defeating his opponent by split-decision. This marked his second-ever boxing match after taking a previous fight in the IFL… but it definitely wouldn’t be the last time he threw hands.

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Over that weekend, a series of clips went viral showing Uncle Pizza squaring off with a shirtless, seemingly drunken man on the street at night. One of the two videos circling social media shows Pizza throwing a solid punch toward the man, sending him crumpling to the floor as a woman shouts off-camera.

Uncle Pizza applauded for saving woman from her drunk boyfriend

A second video shows a similar occurrence, with Pizza sending the man toppling to the ground after another well-placed punch to the face. The man attempts to get up, stumbling and slurring his words as the woman continues to shout off-camera.

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Another video shows the girlfriend thanking Uncle Pizza and his crew, saying, “You guys don’t have to do all this sh*t. …why are you guys so nice? You guys don’t have to be this nice.”

“We’re all professionals,” someone says off-screen. The girlfriend then wipes at her face with a towel.

That’s not all; another post shows a photo of the girlfriend’s face, boasting a battered and bloody left eye.

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It’s unclear exactly what went down during this altercation or what led to the fight. However, Uncle Pizza did retweet a post congratulating him for saving the woman, and clarified in another tweet that the woman screaming off camera in the first two clips “was another lady that didn’t know what was going on.”

This is just the latest street brawl to take over social media after customers clashed with employees at McDonald’s in an eye-popping melee.

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