Influencer horrified after AI phone scam made her believe brother was dead

TikToker recounting scary experienceTIKTOK: babybushwhacked

A content creator went viral on TikTok after recounting a terrifying ordeal, in which a scammer used AI to mimic her brother’s voice.

TikToker Brooke Bush (babybushwhacked) recounted a scammer who used AI tech to trick her granddad into believing that one of his family members was dead.

In a viral clip with 1.9 million views, she explained how her grandfather received a phone call from someone using artificial intelligence to mimic her brother’s voice. 

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“I’ve been crying for the past two hours because I thought my little brother was dead,” Brooke said. “Somebody out there used an AI machine to trick my grandpa into thinking my little brother got in a wreck and died.”

She said the AI-generated voice claimed that her younger brother was about to get in a car wreck before the line went dead. When Brooke received the call from her grandfather, she immediately tried to contact her brother and track his location. Soon enough, she found out it was a scammer trying to get money.

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“If you guys ever get called, and someone asks for money that you know, they’re using a friggin’ AI machine to reenact their voice,” she warned viewers.

TikTok reacts to AI phone scam

In the comments, many TikTok users highlighted how common the scam is becoming.

“This has been happening to A LOT of people,” one person wrote. “This has been happening with celebrities for years! Glad everyone’s okay!” another added.

“I’m so sorry. I’ve been seeing this happening to so many people on my FYP and I feel so bad yet scared this is going to happen to me,” a third commented.

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Some users claimed that something similar has happened to them. “This has happened to my grandpa, someone called my grandpa and said I died in a car accident,” one said.

“OMG, this happened to my grandpa 2 years ago about my brother. He was scammed of 70k… it was terrible,” another shared.

This is just the latest phone scam to terrify TikTokers, after a woman warned people about a scary virtual kidnapping scam.

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