Influencer evicted after exposing bat-infested “luxury” apartment

TikToker showing messy apartmentTIKTOK: donnyskipper1

A TikToker went viral exposing his bat-infested New York “luxury” apartment, claiming it’s gotten him evicted in the process.

In a TikTok clip with two million views, content creator Donny Skipper shared a tour of his “luxury” apartment complex, highlighting pools of water in the entryway, faulty elevators and stowaway bats.

“What I love about The Lofts is how the front door sometimes doesn’t work when you put your key in it,” he said in the video.

“Sometimes you do get little spillages around, but that’s luxurious, it keeps your feet clean. Even the stickiness, it makes sure you don’t slip,” Donny continued, before heading to two sets of elevators that were both out of order.

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After finding a working elevator in the building, he spotted a live bat hanging upside down in the corner.

“Hey look, I got a bat in the elevator right now,” he said, before cutting to a shot of bats flying through the hallway. “I love the bats that live in my luxurious apartment, they’re so awesome and they keep things very luxurious.”

TikToker evicted after exposing poor housing conditions

Danny went on to ‘expose’ the “luxury” NY apartment in a series of now-viral videos. However, the TikToks took a turn when his landlord allegedly informed him that he’s getting evicted in May.

In a clip with over 2.5 million views, the content creator found a red envelope tucked into his door and took it to a special place to open it. “My favorite spot, at the waterfront view through the windows that I’ve never seen get cleaned,” he said.

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Inside, he found a notice stating that they won’t renew his lease. “Just because I made some TikToks saying that there’s some things that gotta get fixed at this place,” Danny said.

The TikToker told BuzzFeed that he’s lived in this building with his family for three years and been a reliable tenant, but several problems with the facilities prompted him to start making videos. 

“After a year of noticing things seemed to continuously be falling apart in the complex — and a year of being dismissed by my corporate landlord — I decided it was time to share my experience,” he told the outlet.

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Danny said that his landlord hasn’t directly communicated with him about his TikToks yet. “So far they have only dropped off a letter saying they are not renewing my lease and I need to leave by May. Now we have to find a new place in a very short time frame.”

“Anyone who follows my channel knows that I have a family — a wife and a toddler — and this corporation is forcing us out of our home. All I did was speak up about unsafe conditions.”

In one of his latest videos, Danny told viewers that he’s planning to pursue a class action lawsuit against his apartment management company.

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