Influencer doesn’t remember online fame due to amnesia from horse accident

influencer-loses-memory-after-horse-accidentTikTok: steadyrein

Prominent ranching influencer Emmie Sperandeo has lost all memory of her online fame after suffering a brain injury when a horse fell on top of her.

27-year-old Emmie Sperandeo (also known as ‘steadyrein’) is a fairly prominent TikToker whose content almost exclusively focuses on ranching.

Many of her videos feature the influencer working with horses and other livestock. A self-proclaimed ‘cowpoke,’ Sperandeo is a true lover of animals and ranch life, and has gained a whopping 1.7 million followers on TikTok as a result of her passion.

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However, all memory of her social media stardom would be erased when the worst happened.

Ranching TikToker loses memory of online fame after brain injury

Speaking with AZ Family, Sperandino’s father claimed his daughter was moving cattle when she fell off her horse in what’s being called a “freak accident.”

“[The horse] hit hard enough that people from 100 yards away could hear the impact of her head on the ground,” her father said.

Sperandeo’s skull has been reportedly fractured in two places as a result of the incident… but that’s not the only thing that was affected by the ordeal.

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According to her folks via AZ Family, Emmie’s memory has also been majorly impacted by the accident, with the influencer only able to recall memories from seven to 14 years ago.

Luckily, she’s receiving a flood of supportive letters and messages from fans, who have banded together to raise $190,000 via a GoFundMe page.

Unfortunately, due to her amnesia, “she’s able to read [fans’] sweet letters and words, but still is unable to comprehend why she’s here [in the hospital], or why people are writing to her.”

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This latest incident follows another injury Emmie sustained previously when she was bucked from a horse and thrown onto a fence railing.

“To everyone who loves Emmie… Thank you for thinking of her and sending her the strength that she will need to recover,” her mother told fans via the GoFundMe page. “Thanks for being there for her. Please keep rooting for her speedy recovery.”

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