Influencer claims TikTok banned her because her acne was “gruesome content”

TikTok acneCanva and TikTok

A TikTok influencer claims the platform banned her content after uploading “gruesome content”, where the creator shared positive messages regarding acne.

Many young adults and preteens struggle with acne. Flawed skin has a lot of stigmas surrounding it, with many who have clear skin often assuming the worst from those with acne.

In an attempt to dispel misconceptions for the skin condition, a sixteen year old TikToker and beauty contestant Eva created a video where she’s incredibly transparent regarding the topic. But her TikTok resulted in her getting banned from the platform. In the video, she shows her bare skin, which had some pimple break outs.

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According to BBC News, Eva stated “it didn’t fit [TikTok] because of my skin, because it was gruesome content.”

The influencer is the current Miss Teen Galaxy York, and set to compete in the nationals in March. While interviewed by BBC News, she shared her thoughts on her struggles with acne.

Family Photo
Eva is currently Miss Teen Galaxy York

“So I’ve suffered with acne for over two years now. I used to have really cystic acne all over my face. It went from my cheeks down to my chin, it was cystic so it was really bumpy, had lots of puss in them so it’s really hard to cover.”

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She then explained on the interview how the acne affected her mental energy.

“I’ve now recovered from acne, I just got the scars leftover because I’ve help from the doctor because they gave me tablets. They gave me stuff for my face. […] And now I feel in myself that I’m confident to share my journey. And in society, it’s normal for people to have clear skin, so my aim is for people to be aware be aware,” she shared.

“I’m advertising on TikTok about this, ‘just because you got blemishes on the outside doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful’,” Eva stated, wonderfully wording her underlying message for her TikTok. And it was this very message and “gruesome content” that got her banned on TikTok.

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Since the incident, a TikTok spokesperson has admitted to the platforms’ mistakes, and have reinstated Eva’s TikTok account.