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Indy Blue responds to Addison Rae using her trademarked slogan

Published: 9/Aug/2020 11:38 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 5:50

by Georgina Smith


After the launch of TikTok star Addison Rae’s new makeup range, Instagram influencer Indy Blue has claimed that Addison copied a slogan from her Lonely Ghost apparel line.

With the follower counts of up-and-coming TikTok influencers soaring into the many millions, it’s no wonder that they have begun to capitalize on that huge audience base by producing products they can share with their adoring fans.

Just recently, the hugely popular D’Amelio sisters Charli and Dixie launched a partnership with Morphe, to the delight of their many viewers.

So when Addison announced her very own beauty company, she looked set to receive the same glowing response. However, this glory didn’t last long.



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all ITEM(s): coming 8.11 #wereanitem

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Lonely Ghost speaks out

Part of one of the initial images announcing Item Beauty included what appears to be a compact bronzer with the slogan “I love you, say it back.”

Indy Blue, Instagram star and business owner, reposted this image to her Instagram story with the caption “really hoping this is a photo shoot prop.” As it turns out, Indy and her company Lonely Ghost had not only used that slogan on their clothing, but they had also trademarked it with relation to clothing items and apparel.

Perhaps it would have just been considered an unfortunate coincidence, however, it then transpired that Addison had actually worn Lonely Ghost merch previously in a TikTok.


Indy expressed her disappointment in a comment beneath Addison’s photo. She explained how they were “SO excited when Addison posted in our clothes” and that she was her little sister’s “hero.”

Indy Blue calls out Addison Rae
Instagram: Indy Blue
Lonely Ghost owner Indy Blue calls out Addison Rae’s brand

But then goes on to criticize her for “using our catchphrase in her makeup line” just two months after promoting the brand, ending her message with a broken heart emoji.

Shortly after, she tells commenters that she “doesn’t condone any bashing” and that things are being “handled legally behind the scenes.” She also makes it clear that she doesn’t believe Addison herself is actually behind the decision.


Indy Blue doesn't condone bashing
Instagram: Indy Blue
Indy Blue makes it clear that she doesn’t condone hate

While Indy doesn’t want a bitter public drama, it’s clearly painful for a smaller brand to be confronted by the possibility that they may be eclipsed by a more powerful company.

Whether or not Addison’s company backs down remains to be seen.