Indiefoxx calls for changes to “cruel and unusual” Twitch ban punishments

indiefoxx poses for cameraTwitter/Jenfoxxxy

Controversial OnlyFans model and returning Twitch streamer Indiefoxx is calling for the platform to change its policies on indefinite bans.

Twitch has been under fire quite a bit in recent years for some of its controversial suspensions, the most notably of which being the mysterious permaban of Dr Disrespect.

Hot tub streamer Indiefoxx was also hit with a seemingly permanent ban after a sudden wardrobe malfunction, but was allowed back on the site after nearly two full years.

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Since her return, Indiefoxx, who also goes by JenFoxx, has called on the platform to implement some changes to bans, calling permanent ones a “cruel and unusual punishment” for creators.

Indiefoxx demands Twitch change its permaban policy

In a post on social media, the hot tub goddess began by claiming that, while fans shouldn’t be mad about Twitch enforcing its terms of service, its policy on permabans needs changing.

“They’re worried their favorite streamer may be permabanned. To solve this, Twitch should just never permaban creators, unless it’s a legal issue,” she suggested. “If bans are close together, one month is plenty of punishment enough in my opinion.”

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She went on to agree with a viewer that a year-long ban might be reasonable if streamers can’t get their acts together after a few one-month bans, but called out the site for permabanning creators in the past and taking away their income.

“This indefinite stuff is cruel and unusual punishment. People shouldn’t have to guess if they will ever have a livelihood,” she blasted.

Jen’s comments come at a peculiar time for the Amazon-owned platform as rival Kick continues to grow in popularity and offers streamers a much more generous sub-split.

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We’ll have to see if Twitch decides to make some updates to its policies based on Indiefoxx’s recommendations, but it’s quite interesting that both she and Soulja Boy had their permabans reversed amid Kick’s rise.

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