Indian YouTuber arrested after making dog fly with balloons for a video

YouTuber ties balloons to dog to make it flyYouTube: GAURAVZONE

YouTuber Gaurav Sharma has been arrested by Indian police after an animal welfare organization reported him for tying helium balloons to a dog to make it fly.

Gaurav Sharma is a popular YouTuber from India with over 4 million subscribers on his channel ‘GAURAVZONE.’

He uploads a range of content involving crazy challenges with his friends and family, and has also made several videos about his dog, Dollar, putting him through a series of similarly bizarre challenges.

For his latest dog-related video, Gaurav tied his dog to some helium balloons to try and make it ‘fly.’ Although the original video has now been deleted, reuploads show that the dog takes off, and begins to drift by some apartments, before then appearing to be caught by someone on the second floor.

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Animal welfare organization People For Animals (PFA) then reported the YouTuber to police over the incident. This eventually led to his arrest.

According to the BBC, in an apology video he released following the backlash, the YouTuber claimed he took “all safety measures” when it came to setting up the video, and said he is a pet lover.

He also reportedly asked his viewers not be influenced by his actions.

The apology video has been flooded with comments from disappointed viewers, who claim that the video was “wrong” and say that he did the video for “money” and “attention.”

That video received over 33,000 dislikes, with many flocking to the video to say they agreed with the arrest and complaints by PFA, though there were some fans defending him after he apologized.

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It’s not clear what further legal repercussions Gaurav will face as a result of the video, but it has already caused huge amounts of controversy online.