Impaulsive’s Mike Majlak responds to cheating rumors with “Dr Phil girl”

Instagram: avalouiise, heybigmike

Mike Majlak, co-host of Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, has responded to rumors that he cheated on his girlfriend with someone the Internet has come to know as “Dr Phil girl.”

Mike and his girlfriend, Lana, first met in mid-January 2020, with good friend Logan surprising him with his “favorite actress” for his birthday. The rumor is that they immediately hit it off, started dating and have been going steady ever since.

Though it’s still early days in their relationship, Mike is now being accused of cheating on Lana with none other than Ava Louise, more commonly known as “Dr Phil girl” thanks to her controversial appearance on the Dr Phil show.

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Instagram: avalouiise
Ava Louise went viral after her Dr Phil appearance, in which she said, among other things, that she would “rather die hot than ugly.”

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After Lana posted a tweet that seemed to be directed at someone, talking about girls with “nothing better to do than sit outside a club for hours,” Ava responded simply saying: “Imagine getting cheated on with a girl from Dr Phil.”

Of course, this seemed to stoke the rumor that Mike had cheated with Ava. He has since taken to Twitter to try to tell his side of the story, but hasn’t confirmed or denied the accusation either way. He posted some screenshots of his conversations with Ava in an attempt to prove that she had been “pursuing him,” before writing one final tweet.

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“Will address all of this skank ass bulls**t at a later time,” he said. “I have a very mad, very beautiful girl I need to go make things right with right now.”

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Mike did find the time to make a joke on Twitter, saying that every time he visits New York there’s “another d**ksucking scandal.”

The previous scandal being referenced was a viral video that many thought was a leaked Logan Paul tape but eventually turned out to just be a lookalike.

Nobody else has posted publicly since his final tweet, but it seems this could be the end of the road for Mike and Lana, as she seems unwilling to forgive his misdemeanor.

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