Illinois State students in NELK Boys party facing fines & suspensions

Virginia Glaze
One of the NELK Boys members speaks to the camera.YouTube: NELK

YouTube group and notorious pranksters, the ‘NELK Boys,’ threw a massive party at Illinois State University with their fans — but it seems like the rager could result in sanctions against some of the students who were in attendance.

The NELK Boys are known for their insane prank videos and other wild antics, having hosted massive meetups across the globe (Remember that time their huge meet and greet in Ireland got busted by police? Yeah, that happened.).

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While they’ve faced repercussions for these gatherings before, a recent fiasco involving the group and a large number of Illinois State University students could have some serious consequences for those involved.

On September 8, footage surfaced online of a huge party thrown by the NELK Boys and students near the University’s campus, showing a massive throng of people living it up in spite of the current global health crisis.

Needless to say, this rager caught the attention of University staff, and the ISU President spoke out about the incident during a press conference shortly thereafter.

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“It really gives me no joy to convey my great disappointment in the actions of those who gathered,” President Larry Dietz said of the party, going on to claim that he and the Mayor of Normal were looking into “potential sanctions” against those involved.

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Those “sanctions” could include possible suspensions for students who attended the gathering, including “interruption of the students’ plan to be here.”

That’s not all; Normal also introduced orders that limited the number of people allowed at gatherings near the university, with punishment for breaking said order including a fine up to $750.

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While the group dispersed once police arrived on the scene, it seems like video evidence of the party could result in the identification of a few key students — and some punishments for not observing city ordinances.

This news comes hot on the heels of TikToker Bryce Hall facing charges for throwing similar parties in Los Angeles — and influencer could face up to a year in jail and/or a $2,000 fine.

Even if your favorite YouTubers show up to town, going to a huge party just isn’t a good idea right now, especially if the law gets involved.

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