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iiTzTimmy’s big Valorant challenge derailed after Riot bans Twitch star

Published: 12/Nov/2021 3:01 Updated: 12/Nov/2021 3:33

by Andrew Amos


Twitch star Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An is trying to complete the unthinkable, climbing from Iron to Radiant in one Valorant stream. However, his plans were derailed after Riot banned him mid-way through his rapid climb.

iiTzTimmy has already done the unthinkable in terms of mammoth ranked grinds. The Apex Legends star managed to go from Bronze to Predator in an uninterrupted 54-hour Twitch slog, smashing records along the way.

Now, he’s attempting the same challenge in Valorant, going from the game’s lowest rank in Iron to the tippity top in Radiant.

However, his challenge was derailed for some time after Riot picked up on Timmy’s rapid ascent ⁠— and banned him.


Just as he was about to clutch a 1v2 as Reyna on Icebox in a Diamond game, Timmy was hit with the notice: “You have been banned from Valorant”.

“What? Hello? What happened,” the streamer said. “Damn, I’ve got to end. I’m cheating!”

Timmy claimed Riot had talked to the streamer, and said he was going to get banned for smurfing. However, it was only meant to happen after the broadcast finished.

“I’ve been messaging a dev, and they said that my account was going to get banned because of ‘the whole streaming thing’,” he said. “I’m talking to my agency because they said that I shouldn’t get banned until my marathon is over. It’s kinda weird that I got banned.”


The star’s ban didn’t last long though. His account was unbanned 30 minutes later, allowing him to jump back into the grind through Diamond and beyond.

Timmy’s Iron to Radiant challenge is reminiscent of his Apex Legends Bronze to Predator stream.

The star climbed from the bottom to the top in a mammoth 54-hour non-stop effort ⁠— a feat no one else has achieved (although some came close).

Even through Diamond, Timmy was dropping 20 and 30-bombs on Reyna and Jett, winning Match MVP in almost every single game.

However, as he reaches the pointy end of Immortal, things are going to get tough. At the time of publishing, Timmy is 30 hours into his marathon and sits in Immortal at 105 RR ⁠— around 240 off the Radiant cut-off of 348 RR.


The streamer isn’t letting the ban stop him from completing yet another one of his mammoth challenges though. Plus, with the viewers rolling in as he nears Radiant, he could find himself near the top of the Twitch charts yet again.