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ICE_POSEIDON Reveals Twitch Have Reversed Their Position Banning Him From KEEMSTAR’s Fortnite Tournament

Published: 16/May/2018 17:50 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 14:31

by Calum Patterson


Controversial streamer ICE_POSEIDON has claimed that Twitch have done a U-Turn on their ruling banning him from appearing on other Twitch streams, ahead of the second KEEMSTAR Fortnite tournament.

ICE_POSEIDON of course had his personal Twitch channel banned over a year ago, and now streams his infamous daily ‘in real life’ broadcasts on YouTube instead.

However, when taking part in the first Friday Fortnite tournament, ICE discovered that his ban actually extended to cover even appearing on other people’s Twitch streams.

And not only physically, but his in game character and voice were also reportedly not permitted to be shown or heard on any stream.

This of course made participation in KEEMSTAR’s tournament fairly tricky, as his partner was prevented from streaming on Twitch and their opponents in matches were similarly forced to play in separate lobbies (other matches had all players in the same Fortnite lobby).

ICE_POSEIDON later posted on social media about the absurdity of Twitch’s ruling, calling it ‘flawed and negative’.

However, according to him, Twitch have now lessened the severity of the ban, allowing ICE to participate in the second of what is set to be a weekly Fortnite tournament.

Apparently KEEMSTAR reached out to Twitch personally, asking if ICE would be permitted to appear in game on other Twitch channels, to which they responded positively – provided that he was not “the main focus”.

This is allegedly not what the position was previously, with ICE claiming Twitch staff were personally reaching out to streamers instructing them not show him in game whatsoever.

KEEMSTAR’s second Fortnite tournament is scheduled to take place on Friday May 18th, with the full lineup being announced beforehand.

Among Us

Who is Corpse Husband? The story of YouTube’s Among Us sensation

Published: 23/Oct/2020 18:25 Updated: 23/Oct/2020 18:26

by Lauren Bergin


Californian YouTube Among Us sensation Corpse Husband has apparently appeared out of nowhere, but who exactly is he?

It’s safe to say that every gamer, non-gamer and Youtube fanatic knows about Among Us, the newest party game that sees players attempt to decipher who the impostor is before they brutally murder all of their comrades and win the game.

Thousands of streamers have jumped on the Among Us bandwagon, with names like xQc, Valkyre and Trainwrecks dominating the Among Us Charts. The game has even attracted political figures, namely American Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who used the game as a platform to reach out to the gaming youth of today.

On YouTube, however, the Among Us scene rests firmly within the grasp of Corpse Husband (or Corpse, who has become an overnight Among Us sensation. Despite his synonymity with the game though, Corpse has a long and varied streaming past despite only being the tender age of 23.

Among Us key art
The underground YouTube star has become an Among Us sensation.

From YouTube spook to Among Us fame

Corpse’s Youtube career began in the dark realms of horror story narration. Citing online CreepyPasta narration channels such as Mr.Nightmare, Be.Buster and Lazy Masquerade as inspiration, Corpse created his own iteration of a horror narration channel, with his distinctive deep voice adding to the spookiness of his videos. This mystery was only amplified by Corpse’s decision to hide his face in the online sphere.

While Corpse’s YouTube still provides every horror fan with a video playground, his most recent Among Us videos have racked up millions of views, blowing his creepier videos out of the YouTube waters in terms of views.

Focusing on how to win the game as the impostor – even if you have admitted you are the impostor – the three current Among Us videos on his channel have earned him a total of 26.5 million views. That’s hardly a number to smirk at.

Being the impostor in Among Us certainly requires the gift of a silver tongue, something that Corpse clearly possesses. It’ll be interesting to see whether his popularity fades as the game slips out of the mainstream media, but judging by his views that doesn’t seem too likely. After all, if you’re not watching him for Among Us right now is the perfect time of year to sit back, relax and be terrified.