ICE_POSEIDON Locks Another Five Contestants in His Closet and is Allowing Viewers to Mess With Them

by Mike Kent


Controversial IRL streamer ICE_POSEIDON has locked five contestants in his closet for a live-streamed gameshow on his YouTube channel. 

Paul ‘ICE_POSEIDON’ Denino is one of the more daring real-life streamers currently on the internet, with a fanatical audience who are willing to do anything in pursuit of a few laughs.


In April 2017 he was banned permanently from Twitch after he was swatted on a plane following a prank call from one of his views. The live streaming website deemed his attempts to hide his location before getting on the flight as unacceptable.

As a result, ICE went straight over to YouTube and continued to stream on a daily basis from his Hollywood apartment, and has continued to push the boundaries of what’s acceptable.


In March 2018 he attempted to see how long a number of contestants could last in his closet, with an estimated time frame of 72 hours. The entire thing was streamed and viewers could donate to play any music track of their choice into the room. After four hours the police arrived at the property and shut it down.

Not one to be stopped, ICE_POSEIDON has started up the gameshow again and on May 1st he placed five contestants in the closet, with viewers once again allowed to play any kind of sound they wanted through to the giant speaker. There appears to be plenty of weed and alcohol to keep everyone happy.


Over the course of the stream, the viewers will vote out each contestant one by one until a winner is crowned.

You can watch the full stream (or VoD if it’s ended) below.