Ice Poseidon hits out at social media hate after Karl Jacobs apology for supporting him

Ice Poseidon talking to a cameraIce Poseidon

Controversial live streamer Paul ‘ICE POSEIDON‘ Denino has hit back at all the hate he’s been receiving after being dragged into the drama surrounding Minecraft star Karl Jacobs.

ICE POSEIDON rose to popularity thanks to his unusual IRL (in-real-life) streams where he and a group of creators would travel around the United States, ultimately trolling people or getting into trouble.

Fans swarmed to his streams because some kind of drama was guaranteed to happen, but he eventually got shut down by Twitch and moved to YouTube, where his streams have become a little more infrequent and less wild than before.

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While he’s been out of the spotlight for a while, he was dragged into some viral drama after fans of YouTuber Karl Jacobs started criticizing him for interacting with Denino back in the day.

Ice Poseidon IRL streamIce Poseidon
Ice Poseidon helped revolutionize IRL streaming.

The former Twitch star responded to Karl’s apology, offering some ‘advice’ about not letting his fans shame him into being sorry that he was a fan of Ice’s streams, and wanted an apology for the “emotional hurt” that the drama had caused him.

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“I’m a pretty strong person emotionally, but I feel so drained, isolated, and alone,” Ice tweeted. “I haven’t felt this bad in YEARS and the social media game is so f**king dehumanizing, everything everyone says is for attention and clout, no one has anyone’s back and I can’t take it.”

He followed that up, stating that he’s “sick and tired of being everybody’s scapegoat,” given he can’t really defend himself because he’s banned from Twitch.

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“I’ve been dragged through the mud so many times and I’m tired of it,” Denino continued. “All my friends have to f**king console in private because I’ve been demonized in this industry. It’s not right.

“I’ve done more self-reflection and change than anyone else in this industry and people f**king ignore it because it’s known that I’m just the scapegoat. IT’S NOT RIGHT!”

A number of streamers reached out in the replies to talk to Denino about his situation, but it remains to be seen as to what happens next.

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As he said himself, people who have his back usually do so more in private than public so maybe things will get sorted out in the DM’s.