ICE_POSEIDON Claims Twitch Have Banned His Voice Being Heard on Other Channels During Friday Fortnite Tournament

by Calum Patterson



Controversial streamer ICE_POSEIDON has clarified the rules of his Twitch ban, claiming that Twitch have forbidden his voice to be heard on any stream.

ICE_POSEIDON was banned from Twitch back in 2017 after a highly publicized SWATting incident, and has since taken his talents and following to YouTube.


However, he returned to Twitch briefly recently, not on his own personal channel, but appearing alongside his partner in the Friday Fortnite tournament, Mitch Jones.

Mitch Jones is a popular Twitch streamer in his own right, but has apparently been told by Twitch that he is not permitted to broadcast ICE's voice while they play, or face a ban himself.


It was initially believed that even ICE's in game character was banned from being shown on stream, but Twitch apparently clarified this is not the case. 

ICE also previously stated that he was allowed to participate in the tournament and appear on other Twitch streams, as long as he was not the 'main focus'.

However, it is now apparently more severe, as his voice is not allowed to be audible on other channels.


It was reported that KEEMSTAR, who hosts and organizes the Friday Fortnite tournament with UMG, had personally reached out to Twitch to inquire about the severity of the ban on ICE.

But the Amazon owned platform is notoriusly strict when applying its rules to banned streamers, and ICE_POSEIDON is clearly not in the good books.